Barrier Receiver Management System:Ideal for fleets with low-floor buses.

Barrier Receiver Management System

Performance Demonstration

Barrier Connection Caps

For Replacing Barrier Parts If Necessary.

Receiver Management System Worldwide Patents Pending.

Receiver Management System

Worldwide Patents Pending.

Covers the undercarriage from the rear of the front wheels to the front of the back wheels.

Heavy-duty casted BASF polyurethane is strong enough to deflect pedestrians and cyclists from the path of the wheels, yet flexible enough to withstand impact from road obstacles.

Barrier features easy-to-install energy absorption receiver, customizable to fit any compatible frame.

Receiver easily mounts to floor joists to support urethane barrier.

Guaranteed for the life of the bus.

A Mercedes City Bus being serviced with the Barrier Receiver Management System. The Barrier is maintenance-friendly for the technicians’ lift system.