Despite increasing adoption across the country, California transit agencies continue to lead the way in Danger Zone safety.

The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus relies on the S-1 GARD to help safely carry more than 70,000 passengers daily, including sizable numbers of tourists and seniors. Big Blue Bus has been proactive in maintenance of the S-1 GARD, undertaking periodic fleet-wide campaigns to replace damaged parts. Santa Monica is also home to an elaborate network of bike lanes and paths – which have proven to be no issue for the Big Blue Bus.

In Los Angeles, the LAMTA has installed S-1 GARDs on its fleet of over 2,000 largely NABI and New Flyer buses – the second-largest bus fleet in North America. Yet despite the challenge of operating a fleet of that size, the MTA has been proactive in replacing damaged GARDs and raising driver awareness of past incidents, and their role in preventing future ones.

The Riverside Transit Agency provided training to its operators to heighten awareness of the Danger Zone and of the safe driving required to both avoid its risks and to keep the S-1 GARD in optimal condition. The district has since reported a very low replacement ratio, not just for the S-1 GARD, but also from rear bus components such as airbags, air leveling valves, tires, rims, and rear wheel panels.

More recently, Santa Clara has spec’d in the S-1 GARD on new buses.