After year after year of numerous bus-on-pedestrian accidents involving the right rear wheel of transit buses, the nation’s leading pedestrian advocacy groups have put their support behind the S-1 GARD for proven and effective Danger Zone safety.

Studies have shown that, in accidents involving transit vehicles and with pedestrians, the predominant type of accident involves pedestrians being pulled into the bus wheel, as opposed to being struck by the vehicle body. According to Christopher W. Ferone of the American Society of Automotive Engineers, approximately 85% of bus wheel accidents occur at the right rear wheel, or the curbside wheel. “This accident occurs in various scenarios such as when people exit the bus and become entangled in the door grab bars, or when they fall between the curb and the bus while it approaches or departs,” he writes. “With all scenarios, the S-1 GARD acts similar to a cow catcher, pushing the fallen pedestrian out and away from the rear tire.” It is estimated that 40–100 people are seriously injured this way annually in the United States.

PTS is proud to have the support of the nation’s leading pedestrian advocacy groups – groups like New York’s Transportation Alternatives, Walk San Francisco, and PEDS.