PTS founder Mark B. Barron has introduced an affordable new solution to eliminate the danger zone gap surrounding the right dual wheels of the school bus: The Minimize Danger Zone Shield (or MDZ Shield). The “danger zone” refers to the area extending 10 feet to the front, rear and side of the school bus, where children are at most risk of being hit by passing vehicles or by their own bus. The MDZ Shield is an inexpensive BASF polyurethane guard that acts as a safeguard in front of the rear dual wheels. The shield is easily and quickly mounted to the side panel of the bus, lessening both material and labor costs and makes it easily visible for inspection.

Buckeye Central Schools in New Washington, Ohio, recently became the first school district in the nation to pilot the safety device. The MDZ Shield has been featured in The Street, School Transportation News and School Bus Fleet, among others. For more information, visit