Your Best Partner On the Road

Project Scope

  • Integration of CUB 77GHz Radar into MDZ Shield

  • Integration of CUB Radar Controller into applicable vehicles

  • Engineering support of CUB Radar equipped MDZ Shield

  • Marketing and sales support of CUB Radar equipped MDZ Shield

  • Manufacturing and Logistics for CUB Radar Equipped MDZ Shield

  • Excessive sway during turning with defective suspensions systems. 

Integration of Radar into MDZ Shield

  • Hardware development of Radar for Application

  • Mechanical adaptation of Radar into MDZ Shield

  • Software development for Radar

  • Validation and Certification of Integrated Product

Hardware Development

  • Hardware is based on existing antenna design for Pedestrian Detection

  • No new tooling is necessary

  • No bespoke PCB is planned

  • Front shield utilizes 2 radar units to monitor the front zone

  • Developed to ISO16750 specifications

Mechanical Adaptation of Front Radar

  • ID design in 2D & 3D for mechanical integration of radar into the MDZ Shield

  • Goal is minimal modification to the MDZ shield

    • Reduce tooling change

    • Avoid additional tooled parts

    • Quickest schedule to delivery

  • Utilize existing mechanical provisions on radar hardware

Mechanical Adaptation of Side Radar

  • ID design for mechanical integration of radar into the side of bus body

  • The housing is a bespoke design

    • Needs further investigation of solutions based on expected applications

  • Reference cost of this tooling is ~$40k USD

    • Mounting bracket

    • Exterior cosmetic housing

    • Backing plate

    • Gasket

Software development for Radar

  • Develop bespoke code for MDZ Shield

  • Calibration of Radar to MDZ Shield

  • Development of MDZ Shield Parameters

  • Full Product and Project Management Resources

  • Validation of Radar equipped MDZ Shield

Validation and Certification

  • Validation of product to ISO16750 specifications

  • Validation of performance of detection with OEM approved methods

  • On site customer performance demonstrations

Controller Integration

  • Adaptation of Controller to applications and use case

    • J1939 CAN BUS integration

      • OBD-II integration applications

  • I/O Configuration for maximum flexibility

    • PMW or Fixed Audible Output

    • Fixed 12V Secondary Output

      • Haptic Modules

      • Voice Modules

    • Dual stage prioritized Indicator Lamp Outputs

      • Caution

  • Tooling Expense TBD

Engineering Support

  • NOVUS will provide engineering support for:

    • Mechanical

    • Electrical

    • Application Engineering

  • On-site customer installation

  • Access to Taiwan based staff as necessary

  • Prototyping capabilities at NOVUS

Marketing and Sales Support

  • NOVUS will develop marketing collateral for digital delivery

  • NOVUS staff will attend meetings as requested

  • NOVUS staff will support events as requested

  • Technical and marketing training for PTS staff

Manufacturing Support and Logistics

  • Project Management

    • PMP Trained Project Management

    • Alignment with TPC for delivery

  • US and Taiwan based assets

  • Import / Export Handling

  • Warehousing and Domestic Logistics at NOVUS

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Novus –Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Logistics

  • CUBtek–Development

  • CUB-TW –Manufacturing and Logistics