For OEMs, Independent Retrofit Companies, and Transit Coach Technicians

Gap between radius of tire and edge of GARD should be 2 to 4 inches, unless more space is needed for bus lift apparatus.

NOTE: Receiver must be mounted as high as possible to rocker panel, but leaving enough clearance for GARD to slide in channel.

Once GARD is installed, gap from bottom of the GARD to road surface should be 4 inches (+/- 1″) with bus engine running, air in system, and on a level surface.

Install receiver mount so that outside face of GARD is 1.5 inches (+/- .5”) in from the outside edge of the tire tread, not sidewall of tire.
When the bus is loading or off-loading passengers at the curb of a crowned road, the sway of the bus to the right should then close the gap to 3–4 inches, affording maximum protection in front of the rear wheels during and immediately after the loading/off-loading process.